Why Harris County Traffic Ticket Lawyers suggest fighting a traffic ticket

Unless you have been through the litigation process of a traffic ticket, most people don’t even know that it is a criminal offense. Be thankful because, as a result, you have rights afforded to you that those in other states wish they had.

If you don’t fight the ticket and just pay the fine, the traffic offense will appear on your driving record as a conviction for three years. This may result in the increase of your insurance premiums by your insurance company, the inability to obtain automobile insurance coverage for your vehicle; or the suspension of your driver’s license. Harris County Traffic Ticket Lawyers suggest fighting your ticket to keep your driving record clean in the hopes of keeping your insurance premium rates from increasing.

If you choose to take a driving safety course, also known as a defensive driving course, to have your traffic ticket case dismissed, you have just given the State of Texas a “pass” to do what the State of Texas is required to do to prepare its case against you. Since traffic cases are criminal cases, the State of Texas must prove your guilt; but, before doing so, the State of Texas must show why the policeman had a reason to suspect you broke the law in the first place. Harris County Traffic Ticket Lawyers suggest fighting the ticket to prevent points being added to your driving record without having to expend six hours taking a driving safety course. After all, your time is valuable. Additionally, if your case is dismissed you will be thankful you chose to fight the ticket rather than spend the money and, more importantly, your time taking a driving safety course. The attorney will help you to make an informed decision for the resolution of your case.

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